Plexus Charitable Foundation Contributes to Innovation Lab at Michigan Technical University

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Plexus Corp., a global leader in complex product design, manufacturing, supply chain and aftermarket services, announced a contribution of $150,000 through the Plexus Charitable Foundation to support Michigan Technical University’s innovative new learning space named the “Plexus Innovation Lab.” 

The Plexus Innovation Lab builds upon a long-standing collaboration that has previously included student engagement events, as well as classroom lecture support by Plexus engineers, many of whom are Michigan Tech alumnus.  The lab is a collaborative workspace or makerspace for Michigan Tech students across all learning disciplines to gain relevant, hands-on experience in designing and testing electronics and electronic devices.  These experiences are critical in helping students to prepare for internships and full-time roles within their respective fields. 

Mike Running, Plexus’ Senior Vice President of Global Engineering Solutions and Aftermarket Services commented, “Plexus is proud to expand our partnership with Michigan Tech through our sponsorship of the Plexus Innovation Lab.  Our mission to help our customers create the products that build a better world requires an exceptionally talented engineering team.  The investment in this lab creates a space for students to gain hands on electronics experience and develop the problem solving skills and innovative thinking necessary to aid in creating products that build a better world.”

Janet Callahan, Dean of the College of Engineering at Michigan Technical University, commented, “The partnership of Plexus with Michigan Tech will be an impact to students and faculty for many years to come.”  Additionally, Chris Middlebrook, an Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Michigan Technical University, who helped to lead the creation of the innovation lab commented, “Thanks to a generous donation from the Plexus Charitable Foundation, our students now have the incredible opportunity to enhance and expand their educational experience through the use of our new Plexus Innovation Lab.  The Plexus team has been actively engaged in the planning and execution of the creation of an electronics maker space demonstrating their steadfast investment in the Michigan Tech Community.”


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