Incap Electronics Estonia Receives Silver Label of Responsible Entrepreneurship

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The branch of Incap Corporation, Incap Electronics Estonia, has been awarded a silver label by the Responsible Business Forum in Estonia.

The Managing Director of Incap Estonia, Greg Grace, said that the award was an honour and symbol of great work done in the company, as responsible entrepreneurship has always been an integral part of Incap’s business strategy. 

“Our team has been dedicated to focusing on the most material economic, social and environmental corporate responsibility in our business. When we first received the bronze label in 2019, we set a goal for ourselves for continuous improvement and we are delighted that this year we have achieved the silver label,” said Grace. 

To continue to be the trusted partner in the industry and to meet the increasing expectations of all its stakeholders also in the future, Incap established a Corporate Responsibility programme during 2020. "With specific key themes and a reporting framework, this has been an important step towards a more sustainable future at Incap," Grace stated. 

Incap Estonia with 100 employees is an important employer in Saaremaa island, producing millions of circuit boards, or so-called “brains” of electronic devices, and ready-made products for its customers each year. “For us, it is important to offer our employees meaningful work and good work conditions and to give our part to the local community. For example, we are one of the largest employers in the local community while constantly improving our work environment and supporting training and education for offspring in Estonian electronics industry,” explained Grace. 

“Being a large manufacturing company, we are also focusing on lessening our environmental footprint,” Grace brought out. “For example, we have managed to achieve significant results in the reduction of total energy consumption, after the transition to LED lights in our production.” Grace says that these are only some examples of the activities done and planned for reaching the responsible business strategy goals set at Incap Estonia.

The Responsible Business Forum in Estonia hands out quality awards in the gold, silver and bronze level, based on the evaluation of several categories: governance, climate and environment, and society and the social environment. 

The assessment methodology of the competition has been developed in cooperation with international experts, following the principles of the UN Global Compact, ESG assessment frameworks and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.



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