iNEMI Webinar to Tackle Failures and Challenges in Conformal Coating Process

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The International Electronics Manufacturing Initiative (iNEMI) will be holding a webinar focused on conformal coating on June 30, 2021. As part of iNEMI’s series of webinars on board assembly technologies, the June 30 event will discuss the most frequent failures and challenges associated with the conformal coating process along with tools that can help ensure the quality of conformal coating on an ongoing basis.

GfKORR, the Society of Corrosion Protection, is a federation of corrosion experts from industry and academia working in all fields of corrosion science with the aim of avoiding corrosion and its negative consequences. The Society has published Guidelines for the Application and Utilization of Protective Coating for Electronic Assemblies. This document, which will soon be available as an IEC PAS (Public Available Specification), has collected and analyzed significant customer process data to identify possible causes for the most frequent failures, such as cracks, blisters, and delamination.

The guest speaker for this webinar is Freddy Gilbert, Technology Analyst, ZESTRON Reliability & Surfaces. He will detail the likely causes of these failures and discuss effective preventative measures along with tools that can help ensure conformal coating quality. The webinar is open and free to the industry.  


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