Saki Enhances Customer Support Services at Nara Factory

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Saki Corporation, an innovator in the field of automated optical and X-ray inspection equipment, is pleased to announce the addition of a dedicated customer demonstration room available for pre-acceptance check of inspection equipment as well as a Parts Center for centralized management of inventory and supply at its Nara factory. The facility upgrade, which enhances Saki’s after-sales service at the Nara factory, forms part of Saki’s ongoing strategic investment in its operations to offer the highest customer service standards around the world.

The new demonstration room is located adjacent to a full production line, allowing customers visiting the factory to experience a complete and comprehensive demonstration of the actual equipment as well as the production process. The demonstration room provides a private space where pre-acceptance can be carried out smoothly.

Furthermore, with the expansion of the parts stock area in the Nara factory and the transfer of the centralized management system of parts from Saki’s Tokyo Head Office to the Nara factory, a comprehensive Parts Center has been created on the factory premises. The new set up ensures optimized supply chain control with efficient inventory and order management, as well as quick dispatch of a wide range of parts - ultimately providing customers with a timely and high-quality after-sales service. At the Nara factory, an upgrade to the facilities and equipment of its state-of-the art 90-seat seminar room has also been completed. With all these facility and process improvements, Saki offers a comprehensive range of after-sales services to its customers.

"Strengthening our customer support services is one of our key management priorities and we are constantly striving to improve them," said Norihiro Koike, President and CEO of Saki Corporation. "These initiatives, which allow us to demonstrate our solutions at our production sites and to deliver parts quickly and efficiently, are a result of our firm commitment to position customer service as one of our top priorities. We strongly believe that will contribute to enhanced customer satisfaction. We will continue with further innovations to our systems and structures."


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