MacDermid Alpha Presents Technical Paper at SMTA China South Technical Conference

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The Assembly Division of MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions, a world leader in the production of electronics soldering and bonding materials, will be presenting a technical paper: “The Interaction of Two Solder Paste Alloys With 5 Surface Finishes” at the SMTA China South Technical Conference taking place from August 25 - 26 in Shenzhen, China.

Electronic assembly developers have a myriad of material and process choices to make, not limited to board materials, solder masks, laminate Tg’s, components, surface finishes, assembly materials and Design for Manufacturing (DFM) process conditions. Solder alloy selection is an important factor in determining reliability of the solder joint, considerations should be made for surface finish selection to further enhance performance. The paper, “The Interaction of Two Solder Paste Alloys With 5 Surface Finishes” will explore surface finish factors such as IMC formation, voiding, and solder spread that all contribute to reliability.

Jackson Chan, Senior Technical Service Manager at MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions, will be presenting the paper at 11:15am on Wednesday, August 25th at Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center.

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SMTA China South Technology Conference
Topic: The Interaction of Two Solder Paste Alloys With 5 Surface Finishes
Speaker: Jackson Chan, Senior Technical Service Manager
Date/time: August 25th (Wed) / 11:55-12:30
Venue: Booth 1A80, Hall 1., Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center

About MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions:

Through the innovation of specialty chemicals and materials under our Alpha, Compugraphics, Electrolube, Kester, and MacDermid Enthone brands, MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions provides solutions that power electronics interconnection.  We serve all global regions and every step of device manufacturing within each segment of the electronics supply chain.  The experts in our Semiconductor Solutions, Circuitry Solutions, and Assembly Solutions divisions collaborate in design, implementation, and technical service to ensure success for our partner clients.  Our solutions enable our customers’ manufacture of extraordinary electronic devices at high productivity and reduced cycle time.


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