Flexible Circuits Uses Essemtec FOX2 for High-Rel Flex-Centric Electronic Interconnect Assemblies

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Flexible Circuits, Inc. (FCI), a leading supplier of the highest reliability and complex flex-centric electronic interconnect assemblies to the U.S. defense and aerospace markets, purchased a FOX2 multi-function combined pick-and-place and dispensing system. Essemtec’s FOX2 combines jetting/dispensing, 2.5D placement, electrical testing, inventory control and traceability in a single machine.

Through concurrent engineering, comprehensive quality assurance and process expertise, FCI’s dedicated employees develop lasting cooperative relationships to meet the stringent demands of its valued customers. Joe Karcewski, Flexible Circuits Assembly Manager commented, “We have very demanding and specific process requirements and we found the flexibilty and the scalability of the Essemtec Fox to best fit our current and future needs.”

As a manufacturer of flexible circuits and assemblies since 1963, FCI has a unique position within the industry. The company occupies 55,000 sq. ft. of air-conditioned building in a pleasant industrial park directly adjacent to private homes. The company has been nominated multiple times for the Governors award, which rewards industries that have a demonstrated record of environmental activism.


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