Kimball Expands Mexico Facility

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Electronics manufacturing services (EMS) firm Kimball Electronics is expanding its Mexico facility to support the company’s many long-term customers as well as to add capacity for new customer growth. 

Presently, Kimball Electronics - Mexico (KEMX) is a facility with 230,000 sq ft floor space. The KEMX expansion will add 240,000 sq ft to its footprint in Reynosa, Mexico—more than doubling the company’s current capacity. The targeted completion of construction is end of June 2022.

The company plans to leverage the expertise at KEMX to support the new facility and will be adding key talent to both facilities to support the expected growth at KEMX. The two facilities will operate as a single facility and will have shared leadership in key positions that will oversee both facilities.

"Our Mexico facility is one of the largest facilities we operate and we've been there for decades. It's a very popular preference of our customers. We support all four market verticals in Mexico. It's a very complex, large-scale manufacturing facility supporting all four of our end market verticals and we're at capacity. We have opportunities in our new business pipeline that are very close to being awarded and slated to be manufactured there in the future." - Don Charron, Chairman and CEO of Kimball Electronics


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