KYZEN Releases New Tech 2 Tech Packages to Bring Series Full Circle

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The KYZEN team is excited to announce the launch of its latest project within their Tech 2 Tech by KYZEN program: Tech 2 Tech Packages. After Tech 2 Tech celebrated its first successful anniversary, the team wanted to find a way to improve on the program by providing content on a larger scale. To achieve their goal, KYZEN examined 50+ unique 15-minute technical sessions and bundled relevant content together into convenient packages for viewers to enjoy.

These educational packages were handpicked by the KYZEN Clean Team and targeted to answer questions regarding various cleaning processes. The packages are separated into two segments with the viewer in mind: Electronics Assembly Cleaning and Metal Finishing.

Within the Electronics Assembly section, packages on topics related to stencil cleaning, a series on cleaning basics, electronics concentration monitoring and much more can be found. In the metal finishing section, there are topics such as metal cleaning basics, vacuum degreasing basics, and even a series on metal cleaning process bath life. Each package includes question and answer sheets from each video along with relevant technical articles.

As the Tech 2 Tech series continues to flourish, more topics and videos will be added to the library. The KYZEN Clean Team recommends visiting the Tech 2 Tech page that hosts the packages, past sessions, and also upcoming Tech 2 Tech sessions often as updates are made regularly. To get a better understanding of what a Tech 2 Tech session is like, view their newest commercial!


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