FTG Receives $3.7M (CAD) After-Market Contract by DLA for Electronic Assemblies

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Firan Technology Group Corporation has been awarded a $3.7M CAD after-market contract from the United States Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) to provide electronic assemblies to retrofit airborne radar systems on various US Armed Forces aircraft. The work will be performed at the FTG facilities in Chatsworth, California.

“We are pleased to receive this significant award. We are committed to the DLA’s mission to support and extend the service life of military aircraft,” said Brad Bourne, FTG’s President, and CEO. “We are excited about the direction of our after-market initiative providing the DLA various products including this high quality, high-reliability complex electronic assemblies.”

The award is a long-term after-market contract that enables multiple products draws, and ensures a minimum annual quantity to FTG. Initial production releases have been issued to FTG Aerospace - Chatsworth and the work is now underway.


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