Incap Estonia Received Award for ‘The Best Internship Provider In Region’

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On September 17, Estonian Minister of Defence, Kalle Laanet, and CEO of Estonian Employers’ Confederation, Arto Aas, visited Incap Estonia to hand over the award for “The Best Internship Provider in Region”.

The award evaluation committee highlighted the well-thought-out activities of the company Incap in offering internships to young people in the region.

“It is a great honor to be recognized with this award as “Parim Regionaalne Praktikakoht”,” said Greg Grace, Managing Director of Incap Estonia.

Incap works with several schools from both Saaremaa and the mainland to attract interns. In 2021, Incap has had seven interns in various departments ranging from finance and HR to engineering and production.

“We welcome interns as it gives them a chance to experience work in their field of study and helps confirm if it is their right career path, and sometimes that career path continues at Incap after they graduate so it helps us find potential bright new superstars to join our team,” said Grace.

Several interns have come to work for Incap Estonia over the years, including two this year. In fact, one person interned in 2014 is a member of the company’s management team.

“We have a great team at Incap and interns are a part of our team. They are always included in our company events and summer days while interning. I personally interned the last two years of my University, in my field of study, and believe interning is an important part of the education process and should be encouraged by schools and companies alike,” Grace stated.

The award was presented by Minister of Defense Kalle Laanet and CEO of the Estonian Employers’ Confederation Arto Aas.

“Companies that are able to offer attractive internships outside Tallinn and thus jobs in the future will create a strong state as a whole,” said Minister of Defense Kalle Laanet at the award ceremony.

“Incap Electronics Estonia’s activities in offering internships promote regional cooperation in training the offspring of qualified labor in a remarkable way, which is clearly lacking today,” said Arto Aas, CEO of the Estonian Employers’ Confederation.

The competition is organised by the Estonian Employers’ Confederation in cooperation with the Education and Youth Board and the Ministry of Education and Research. The competition is funded by the Republic of Estonia, the European Social Fund, and the Estonian Employers’ Confederation.


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