Opportunities for Talents in Electronics Through Preparatory Class at Neways

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Neways Electronics International announces that from 1st October a unique training program will be launched, the Electronics preparatory class. This training was set up on the initiative of Neways and the Municipality of Leeuwarden in collaboration with ROC Friese Poort and ROC Friesland College.

The ten-week training covers all the basics of electronics and teaches you what a production process looks like from A to Z, from PCBAs (printed circuit boards) to complete finished products. Through a combination of working and learning, the participants get a good impression of electronics and the opportunity to develop further.

Half of the participants already work at Neways and the other half will start up new. The new employees are lateral entrants and were recruited for this process in collaboration between the Municipality of Leeuwarden and Tempo Team employment agency. They start with an internship at Neways and learn the trade of production employee electronics while retaining benefits during the training process. If it goes well for both sides, the employees will continue to work for Neways. In view of Neways’ growth expectations, candidates can assume work for a longer period of time with fixed hours.

Neways specializes in the development, engineering, production, distribution and after-sales service of customized electronic products and is experiencing strong growth. The organization is experiencing the scarcity of well-trained personnel. “This project was the result of intensive collaboration between the Municipality of Leeuwarden, the two ROCs and Neways. This project cuts both ways: on the one hand, we give a positive impulse to the education level of production employees in our organization, while at the same time creating opportunities for candidates to improve their position on the labor market and/or who want to be retrained’ , says Michel Postma, Managing Director of Neways Leeuwarden about the reason for the pre-competition class.

The training takes place at the various schools and at Neways. “It’s great that we can start with this wonderful initiative. By working together we achieve more for students, the business community, the municipality and ROCs than we could each achieve separately. Strong together in the region!’, says Fenke Rond, Director of Technology, Friesland College Leeuwarden.


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