Michael Cappello Appointed Enics Chief Business Officer

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Enics Appoints Michael Cappello as Chief Business Officer and member of Enics Management Team to enhance growth and superior customer experience.

Enics is on a strong growth path and committed to serve the customers’ electronics value chain as a valuable partner. To enhance the focus on profitable growth and providing sustainable solutions and superior customer experience, Mr Michael Cappello is appointed Chief Business Officer and member of Enics Management Team as of October 4th 2021. He will be in key role in building Enics growth path to become a 1-billion-euro company. 

“Enics is on a path to growth and new, exciting future. Our growth involves not only scaling up our current business, but also transformation from an electronics manufacturing company to a full turnkey-service provider in industrial electronics. This transformation requires new approaches, new mindset and new kind of knowhow. Therefore, I am especially thrilled to welcome Michael Cappello to the team! His profound experience with different industries and his focus on building customer success throughout his career will accelerate Enics development to our common future direction to partner with our customers to serve the full electronics value chain by best performance and innovative solutions. I am looking forward to the developments and openings which Mr. Cappello will bring to Enics”, says Elke Eckstein, President and CEO of Enics.

Mr. Cappello has extensive experience in General Management, Strategy, Business Development, Marketing and Sales and Product and Service Development, having held several EVP and CEO positions during the last 25 years, in international leading companies. His experience with industrial companies in challenging market environments makes him a valuable addition to Enics Management Team.


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