NOTE Appoints Frida Frykstrand CFO

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NOTE’s CFO Henrik Nygren has decided to retire and will leave the company in connection with the 2022 Annual General Meeting. Henrik Nygren has worked at NOTE since 2006.

“During his time as CFO, Henrik has been a strong contributor in developing NOTE to the successful company it is today. Henrik has been a valued colleague and I would like to take this opportunity to thank Henrik for his work and excellent accomplishments during his time at NOTE," said Johannes Lind-Widestam, CEO and president.

Henrik Nygren will be succeeded by Frida Frykstrand, NOTE’s corporate accounting manager and treasurer. Frida has a master’s degree in economics and has worked for NOTE since 2013.

“Frida has been a part of NOTE’s finance team for a number of years and is well acquainted with our successful business model and follow-up. By appointing Frida as CFO, we will continue to have a strong management for further development of NOTE’s operations while at the same time ensuring a smooth transition," added Lind-Widestam.


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