Saki Partners with ASM Assembly Systems to Drive Smart Factory Realization

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Saki Corporation, an innovator in the field of automated optical and X-ray inspection equipment, proudly announces its partnership with the SMT Solutions Team ASMPT. The two technology leaders are cooperating to enable seamless machine connectivity between Saki’s inspection and measurement systems and ASMPT’s pick-and-place machines using IPC Connected Factory Exchange (CFX). The partnership provides customers with access to powerful production line solutions that offer “plug & play” machine-to-machine connectivity and are IIoT / Smart Factory enabled.

The collaboration between Saki and ASMPT aims to promote and advance the execution of the Smart Factory concept and provide manufacturers with state-of-the-art, Industry 4.0 technology solutions that boost quality, productivity, and process optimization. 

“Saki welcomes the partnership with ASMPT”, said Tatsunori Muroya, Chief Sales Officer at Saki Corporation. “Through our collaboration, we provide our customers with the necessary tools and solutions to seamlessly implement Industry 4.0 best practices that drive the realization of smart factory concepts. It is great to see how our partnership with ASMPT delivers tangible benefits to our joint customers by enabling ‘plug & play’ data exchange capabilities between our respective IPC-CFX-compliant and qualified machines and systems.”

Sven Buchholz, ASMPT´s Vice President Portfolio Management for the SMT Solutions Segment, added: “We are very happy about the long-standing synergistic and collaborative relationship that we have with Saki. We look forward to further strengthening our partnership to help our joint customers cost-effectively boost productivity, improve quality, unlock data-driven insights and enhance vendor- independent operations by automating or optimizing manufacturing processes.”



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