I-Connect007 Releases Segment 5 of Koh Young Webinar Series: ‘Converting Process Data Into Intelligence’

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In this engaging, 12-part micro webinar series, Koh Young topic experts Joel Scutchfield and Ivan Aduna examine 3D inspection, AI, CFX, connectivity and smart factory success. 

At just under six minutes, the fifth episode, “Minimize False Calls and Escapes,” is now available to view. Ultimately, we want our inspection solutions to perform at the highest level. This means that they catch every defect accurately and do not call out defects when there are none. Inspection utopia means no escapes and no false calls, all derived at optimal line speed. This desire to drive down both of these key performance indicators is paramount for those developing and building inspection tools. 

According to Jesse Vaughan, ACDi, “We all want to hit the target: a zero-false call and escape manufacturing environment. Viewers of this webinar will learn how a true 3D-based system with optical and measurement resolution, along with inspection methodologies that don’t contribute to false calls and escapes, creates an ‘all-boxes-checked’ system.” 

Ivan_Aduna_2021.jpgDesigned to complement Koh Young’s I-007eBook, The Printed Circuit Assembler’s Guide to...SMT Inspection, Today, Tomorrow and Beyond, throughout the series, presenters Scutchfield and Aduna share highly focused educational information on the use of data gathered during the inspection process. 

This entire webinar series can be viewed in an hour and covers a comprehensive range of topics surrounding 3D inspection and the use of smart data gathered during the inspection process. Most of the 12 segments can be viewed in about five minutes. 

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