ASM Software Tool to Enable Cybord Integration

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With supply chain challenges, component shortages and the increasing threat of counterfeiting, it has never been more important to know exactly what is being assembled onto every PCB. ASM recognized this and, to assist users, their latest software version allows simple integration of Cybord’s AI driven software solution which provides in-line component counterfeit detection, qualification, and analytics.

By design, Cybord utilizes the images already captured by the in-place vision system right after a component is picked up. The images are processed using an advanced artificial intelligence algorithm that leverages an enormous cloud-based database to analyze each component. All components are checked for authenticity, homogeneity, solderability, visual defects, and evidence of tampering.

Zeev Efrat, Cybord CEO, commented: “We are delighted to work with ASM to enable their users to continue to deliver world-class products, even during turbulent times when the component and production markets face enormous supply chain challenges.” Zeev added: “We have found our solution really resonates with OEMs and EMS companies alike, driving yield and efficiency improvements in manufacturing, while providing detailed traceability and the peace of mind that brings.”

ASM are constantly driving improvements in quality and performance for their customers as they drive towards their own digital transformation. Sven Buchholz, VP Portfolio Management explains: “Without software in place to ensure that parts are traceable, genuine, and reliable, manufacturers are taking risks with their own business reputation and that of their customers. Considering today’s challenging market, it is now possible to apply a zero-trust approach and to check every part”. Sven added, “with this new software update, and because the Cybord solution uses existing hardware, we have made installation simple, fast and frictionless.

Dr. Eyal Weiss, Cybord’s CTO explains that “in fact, all the evidence for qualifying a component can be extracted from its image given an adept tool. This is because every type of counterfeit leaves and external evidence on the component package case, and most quality issues caused after production leave external evidence. For example, poor storage and handling deteriorates the soldering lead finish.

Tests in a real industrial production environment will be possible. This will allow interested customers to see the performance of Cybord’s AI software under production conditions and allow ASM to collect customer feedback and ideas how the collected data shall be used to develop new functionality to avoid products with counterfeit, or defective, or over aged components.



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