KIC Recruits Leading Director of Software Development as R&D Manager

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KIC is pleased to announce that it has hired Wesley Ueoka as R&D Manager based in San Diego. Ueoka has worked in the defense industry for more than 20 years developing several innovative military technologies.

Ueoka will be responsible for all R&D at KIC, leading the company’s efforts to optimize the entire production line. Electronics manufacturing is moving into an era requiring intelligent use of large amounts of data in order to run a flexible, efficient and successful manufacturing operation. KIC is at the forefront of this trend providing customers an easy path along this ‘smart factory’ learning curve.

Ueoka earned his Bachelor of Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with a focus on Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. He previously worked for Trex Enterprises for more than 18 years, most recently in the role of Director of Software Development. 

Ueoka commented, “I enjoy the opportunity to work in the commercial industry where R&D is a crucial part of the ongoing success of the organization and hope to be part of the reason why KIC remains as the best in the business for a long time.”


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