Incap India Wins Prestigious IT Exports Award of STPI

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Incap Contract Manufacturing Services Pvt Ltd has been honoured with the prestigious IT Exports Award for the year 2020–2021. The award was granted by the STPI (Software Technology Parks of India) of Karnataka, and Incap was selected once again for the award under the category “Highest Exporter in Electronic Hardware –  Bengaluru”.

Murthy Munipalli, Managing Director of Incap India, will receive the award during the “STPI IT Export Awards Function”, which will be held during the event “Bengaluru Tech Summit - 2021” on 17 November 2021.

Munipalli stated that the company is honoured to be continuously recognised for the award. “The times are challenging for people and businesses around the world. Thus we are even more grateful for receiving the award and being recognised for what seems to be solid continuity of business success. This award stands as proof of our people’s extraordinary efforts, skills and innovative thinking - it is embedded in our business DNA to always think and plan ahead,” he stated.

Furthermore, Munipalli emphasised the importance of good community relations and communication with partners and customers. “This recognition is received thanks to our great cooperation with partners, customers and the local community here in Tumkur - we exist together and offer mutual support for each other.”

This is the 5th time for Incap to receive the prestigious STPI IT Exports Award, as the company has been granted the award also in 2013, 2016, 2019 and 2020. Munipalli stated that Incap is proud to work in Karnataka, which is the heart of the electronics and IT sector while forming almost half of the country’s performance in this field.

Incap India factory is located in Tumkur, near Bangalore. The floor space of the facilities will amount to approximately 16,000 square metres after the ongoing expansion project in the factory premises in 2021. The factory produces inverters and UPS, PCBs for fuel and cash dispensers, power supply units, rescue devices, solar inverters, drives and medical devices as well as devices for other electronic industrial products. To meet the growing demand, Incap has been increasing the production capacity in India. One expansion project has already been finalised, the second one is close to being finalised and the third factory project is proceeding as planned. 

Incap India has been a member of STPI since 2007. All STPI Member Units from the State of Karnataka have contributed to the tune of 41% to the total IT/Electronic Hardware Exports under STPI from the country.



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