Peters: LED Curing Perfected Thanks to DELO

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The cooperation with the equipment and material manufacturer DELO has proven successful and is renewed for another year. DELO provides Peters with a system for UV LED curing consisting of the DELOLUX 202 lamp head and the DELOLUX pilot. Through homogeneous exposure, the UV flood lamp from DELO enables curing within seconds of the coating systems used in LED technology. In the Peters laboratory, the ELPEGUARD® thick film coating Twin-Cure® DSL 1602 FLZ/400 is in the focus.

“The DELO device is an important factor in the Peters showroom, not only for the processing of our conformal coatings, but also for the further development of future technologies such as inkjet solder resists for digital manufacturing," says Stefan Schröder,  Conformal Coatings Product Manager at Peters in charge of the DELO project. From Peters' point of view, the future belongs to LED curing in many respects. All ink systems chosen here are solvent-free; this application consumes far less energy than conventional systems. "And there is less heat stress," emphasises Dirk Kall, Group Head of Research and Development in the Peters laboratories for the ELPEGUARD® and ELPECAST® product lines.

Peters and DELO agree that the trend in the industry is moving in this direction - including the factors of energy efficiency, environmental protection and temperature sensitivity. "Peters is responding to this trend by further developing their conformal coating systems," says Johannes Tekath, Laboratory Manager "Research and Development" at the Peters headquarters in Kempen. He says that not only research in this field is exciting, but also dealing with special technologies, printed circuit board systems and inkjet technology, a field where Peters has a proven expert in their ranks by project manager Kevin Poth.

For Markus Wieler, Global Business Development Manager, the energy balance factor is decisive for the Peters/DELO model. "With a flexible equipment manufacturer at our side, we are confident that we will successfully promote further ink systems at this level," says the ink engineer. Via this tandem between the Ammersee region where DELO is located and Peters' home in the Lower Rhine Area, the conformal coating is state of the art with regard to LED technology, he says. 

The three-man DELO delegation took advantage of this visit to Peters to present their latest developments in appliance technology and to continue to propose themselves as a flexible partner. The aim of the two owner-managed family companies is to meet customer requirements and further elaborate the competence axis created so far.



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