KYOCERA AVX Invests in Venture Capital Fund Good Growth Capital

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KYOCERA AVX, a leading global manufacturer of advanced electronic components engineered to accelerate technological innovation and build a better future, has invested in Good Growth Capital (GGC), an early-stage venture capital firm heavily invested in complex science and deep-tech startups dedicated to producing new technologies rooted in scientific advances and discoveries and substantial engineering innovation. This latest strategic partnership, established in August 2021, complements KYOCERA AVX’s existing research and development programs and further supports the company’s commitment to engineering a brighter future for the whole of humanity, especially through investments in the flourishing MedTech industry.

GGC is a majority women-managed fund with offices in both Charleston, South Carolina, and Boston, Massachusetts. These locations allow GGC to leverage the intellectual and entrepreneurial capital of the Carolinas, as well as that of the storied Ivy League institutions and MIT, through its longstanding relationships with top research universities and alumni and consequent access to a robust stream of technology startups. In addition, GGC also has both extensive experience and an admirable reputation in the MedTech, data science, green tech, and hard science industries, with portfolio highlights extending throughout the home-based and AI-enabled diagnostics, orthopedic device, genetics, and small molecules markets, as well as the FinTech, big data, SaaS, analytics, safety, energy efficiency, renewables, AgTech, food tech, chemistry, battery technology, physics, and advanced materials markets. For example, GGC’s 2017-vintage General Fund I has already returned capital to its investors, and its performance metrics places it in the top decile performing funds category.

“KYOCERA AVX is excited to announce our investment in Good Growth Capital, an early-stage venture capital firm operating here in our home state of South Carolina and renowned for its proven expertise in finding, assessing, and cultivating complex local science and technology start-ups that aim to have a positive effect on humanity,” said Johnny Sarvis, CEO of KYOCERA AVX. “This investment provides KYOCERA AVX with abundant opportunities to further support the flourishing tech industry both here in the Carolinas and nationwide by investing through GGC and exploring co-investments, especially within segments of the MedTech industry that complement our existing R&D programs within the KYOCERA Group globally.”

“Combining our sourcing and commercialization expertise with KYOCERA AVX’s manufacturing acumen creates a powerful synergy. We are very hands-on in terms of helping our companies grow, and we see significant value in building a strong relationship with such a proven manufacturing partner,” Amy Salzhauer, Managing Partner, Good Growth Capital.



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