Indium Announces Personnel Updates to European Technical Team

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Indium Corporation is pleased to announce two key personnel updates to its European technical team.

Cristian Tudor has been promoted to the role of Senior Applications Engineer and Ângelo Marques has been appointed Design for Excellence (DfX) Specialist in addition to his current role as an Applications Engineer. 

“At Indium Corporation, we are proud to offer career opportunities that allow our employees to learn, grow, and find their perfect fit within the company,” said Brian Craig, managing director of Indium Corporation’s European operations. “I am proud of Ângelo and Cristian’s accomplishments and their ability to assist our customers across Europe.”

Ângelo_Marques.jpgMarques’ expertise in automotive electronics, especially in DfX for stencils, PCBs, and complex components, continues to help Indium Corporation's customers shorten DV / PV (design validation / production validation) lifecycles and launch earlier into SOP (Start of Production) with optimized manufacturing processes with reduced defects and increased yields. In addition to his new role as DfX Specialist, Marques continues to provide technical support, share process knowledge, and make recommendations for the use of Indium Corporation’s materials in PCBA throughout Europe’s Latin region as an Applications Engineer. An Indium Corporation employee since 2017, Marques possesses over 25 years of automotive electronics experience in new product introduction and process optimization. He has a Six Sigma Green Belt and is an IPC 610 certified trainer.

Tudor joined Indium Corporation as an applications engineer in 2000. Based in Romania, he uses his 20 plus years of technical expertise to provide PCBA support and process knowledge in Europe’s east region. Tudor works on customer production lines, communicating face-to-face with production and engineering staff to optimize their processes. Tudor is a Certified SMT Process Engineer, earned his Six Sigma Green Belt from Dartmouth College’s Thayer School of Engineering, and earned his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the Technical University Politehnica of Timişoara in Romania.



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