PDR Rework Systems Announces UL Certification Program

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PDR, a leading manufacturer of BGA rework systems, test and X-ray inspection systems since 1985, is pleased to announce that the UL Mark for Safety is now available on all PDR Rework Systems as designated under UL UL61010-1; Electrical Equipment for Measurement, Control and Laboratory use.

The Certification offers PDR customers not only the documentation necessary to satisfy federal, state, and local safety authorities, but the confidence in knowing that their PDR system is built to exacting safety standards under PDR’s uncompromising quality standards programs.

PDR’s continuing commitment to provide safe and reliable rework systems for industry is at the cornerstone of PDR’s mission to design and produce better products for the industry at large.

Since 1987, PDR BGA Rework stations have continued to deliver the highest performance and soldering quality, as demanded by its 4500+ customers, many of the world's top names. PDR IR rework stations have become the benchmark for soldering and desoldering quality, loaded with the features required for modern SMT/BGA rework.

PDR’s BGA Rework Stations, using PDR’s Focused IR technology and made in the UK, are precision engineered using only the finest components for optimum performance. All PDR systems exclusively use IR heating, top and bottom, reworking SMDs BGAs QFNs CSPs LEDs etc., on very difficult PCB/applications, from micro to extra-large.



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