Interest Grows for Solderstar’s Advanced Zero Setup SLX Datalogger

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Reliable temperature data is essential in today’s fast-paced electronics manufacturing environment, but so too is equipment that is user-friendly. Solderstar has used their extensive knowledge and technical expertise to design the SLX, an innovative thermal profiler with the benefit of having zero measurement setup. Since its launch at the end of 2021, SLX has received much interest from the industry who can see the benefits of this novel profiling solution. 

“To produce electronic assemblies without a known thermal profile will have adverse consequences to the assembly,” Mark Stansfield, Managing Director at Solderstar explains. 

“The old adage ‘you cannot manage what you do not measure’ is articularly critical in a modern manufacturing environment where time and quality issues are extremely important to oversee. 

“Since launching SLX during Productronica at the end of 2021 we have received a lot of interest from companies who realise just how beneficial the thermal profiler will be to their production processes.

“Reliable temperature data provides a true picture of the process and without an established oven profile, problems can occur with soldering quality, cleaning issues or further down the line involving either rework costs or early component failures. However, setting up profiles for each electronic assembly can be a time consuming exercise without the right tools. To help combat this problem, we designed the new Solderstar SLX which includes advanced smart adapters to allow profiling of soldering machines with zero setup and configuration.”

Not only is the Solderstar SLX a precise, battery powered datalogger which measures and records process parameters from any soldering process, but it is also the smallest available logger on the market. Mark continued: “What makes the compact SLX unique is its zero user setup feature. Just plug in your sensors and start the profile capture, no need for datalogger resetting or configuration via a computer. All sensor detection and configuration is automatic.  The result is error free runs and quicker profile capture times.”

The new SLX can be docked onto any SMARTLink reflow heatshield or other process accessory and will auto-configure itself for data capture. It can be ready to profile from as little as a ten-minute charge and can operate for an impressive 15 hours when fully charged over a two hour period.  

With download speeds ten times faster than previous models and multiple memories for storage of both temperature and other secondary parameters SLX conveniently displays the logger, sensor and memory status via status indicators and a multi-bar graph display.  The unit has 2.4Ghz telemetry options with increased measurement range and maintains +/- 0.5 C accuracy. 



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