ViTroxians Voluntarily Step Forward to Support Flood Survivors

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Heavy rainfalls have been causing extensive floods across north and central Peninsular Malaysia since 17 December 2021. Days of torrential rain caused rivers to overflow, swamping cities and driving more than 68,000 people from their homes. As of 26 December, the death toll from the floods has risen to 46. Malaysians from various backgrounds and states united as one to lend a helping hand with the flood relief efforts. 

Responding to the Tzu Chi Association’s call for volunteers to clean up flood areas, twenty ViTroxians joined the initiative after receiving the company-wide invitation. The big group of more than 3000 volunteers comprise Tzu Chi volunteers and public members, including ViTroxians. To prepare for the volunteer activity in Selangor, ViTrox’s People Culture department provided each volunteer with personal protective equipment such as rain boots, gloves and raincoats. The volunteers worked tirelessly for sixteen hours over two days to clean muddy streets and messy homes affected within the flood areas.

A person can be a force for good when they act with a sincere concern for others. ViTrox’s President and CEO Chu Jenn Weng, who was also part of the volunteer group this time, strongly believes in Master’s Cheng Yen’s quote: “When the unfortunate cannot find help, those who are blessed must go to them.”



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