Scanfil Expands its Atlanta Factory in the USA by 50%

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Scanfil increases its factory’s production area by 50 percent in Atlanta, the USA. The expansion is a production facility of approximately 6,000 m² close to the existing factory. Production in the facility has been estimated to start in the second quarter of 2022.

“Customer demand increased significantly in 2021, and the USA market is one of the fastest-growing countries in Scanfil’s market areas,” says the CEO of Scanfil Petteri Jokitalo. ”To respond to the increasing demand, we kicked off this expansion project in Atlanta”.

“This investment represents Scanfil’s commitment towards growing and expanding with and for our customers in the USA market,” continues Orlando Martinez, the Managing Director of the Atlanta factory. “This enables us to continue delivering the best in class service along with the flexibility and scalability options expected by our client base.”

The current factory facility is approximately 12,000 m². Atlanta is a modern factory mainly focused on the assembly of MedTech, power electronics, refrigeration, acoustic panels, IoT, and solutions for payment cards. Additional key services include distribution and Repair as a Service. Scanfil Atlanta is a so-called close-to-customer market factory specializing in serving demanding global and local customers.



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