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The last time I was in this space, we were busy preparing for our extensive coverage of IPC APEX EXPO, so now I have the honors of compiling the news from the week following the event. We often use the phrase “busy news week” in these compendiums, but this week I have metrics—25% more news items published this week at I-Connect007 than our weekly average.  All the more reason to read the website newsfeeds and newsletters, but also all the more reason for me to bring you the best of the best from the past week.

This week we include the IPC reports on both PCB and EMS industry sales. We also highlight three of the Real Time with… interviews from the APEX show floor. There was quite a lot more news that would have made this list on any other week, so be sure to visit the I-Connect007 website to see all our coverage.

Also, look for our special edition “Real Time With ….” magazine issue for IPC APEX EXPO 2022 to publish in the next several days. You will find complete show coverage, including news, interviews, awards, the designers competition, committee coverage, several photo galleries, our thoughts and impressions on the show, and so much more, It’s one of our favorite issues to put together and I’m sure you’ll agree that nothing else compares to it.

North American PCB Industry Sales Up 16.9% in December 
Published January 31

IPC chief economist, Shawn DuBravac summarized it thus, "PCB bookings rose sharply in December 2021, the strongest month of bookings since December 2005.” For more details, read the news item here, and access the full report at the IPC website.

North American EMS Industry Up 0.9% in December 
Published January 31

Total North American EMS shipments in December 2021 were up 0.9 percent compared to the same month last year. Compared to the preceding month, December shipments rose 8.0 percent. Click through for more details.

Real Time with... IPC APEX EXPO: John Mitchell Shares Thoughts on the Show 
Published January 31

John W. Mitchell, president and CEO of IPC, shares his thoughts with Barry Matties about the return of the in-person IPC APEX EXPO after a two-year hiatus. John and Barry agree that they were pleasantly surprised at the sheer volume of machinery that made it through the shipping hurdles and onto the show floor. Attendees were there to do business and to learn how to improve their processes.

Real Time with... IPC APEX EXPO: Update From PCBAA 
Published February 1

We’re closely following this new association, so we appreciated this opportunity to sit down with PCBAA Chairman Travis Kelly to discuss their recent activities and plans for the future. The Printed Circuit Board Association of America is focused on advocating for manufacturing in America. To help keep you up to date, follow Travis’s column in PCB007 Magazine.

Real Time with... IPC APEX EXPO: Advocacy in Washington 
Published February 1

While at IPC APEX EXPO, I had an opportunity for a visit with Chris Mitchell, vice president of global government relations at IPC. Just like with PCBAA, we discussed the industry's advocacy in Washington to educate Congress on our key issues, as well as the growth in global advocacy by IPC. With the passage of legislation such as the CHIPS Act, we know Congress is starting to pay attention, so our lobbying voice is more important than ever.


Suggested Items

Stanton Rak: Patient Leaders Nurture Growth

03/31/2023 | Patty Goldman, I-Connect007
Stanton Rak, principal at SF Rak Company, discusses his new IPC President's Award. He says a successful leader must demonstrate passion for what they do, and that working in an IPC leadership role requires a unique approach to collaboration. IPC’s diverse membership means leaders must cultivate patience and be open to relying on the expertise of their fellow professionals.

Teresa Rowe: Onward and Upward

03/30/2023 | Patty Goldman, I-Connect007
Teresa Rowe, IPC senior director, Assembly and Standards Technology, has been inducted into the Raymond E. Pritchard Hall of Fame. She looks back on her unexpected introduction to IPC and how both passion and perseverance have always been at the heart of our industry’s drive to innovate. Seize every chance to grow and learn, Teresa says, and always keep moving toward the next opportunity.

Gene Weiner: Setting the Standard

03/28/2023 | Patty Goldman, I-Connect007
Patty Goldman catches up with Gene Weiner, the longest-serving member of IPC, about his experience meeting with the next generation of engineers in IPC’s Emerging Engineers program through a unique contest held at IPC APEX EXPO 2023. Weiner, who has attended well over 60 annual IPC meetings, shared his unflagging optimism and the lessons he’s learned over his illustrious career with the young professionals who managed to find him at the show. With so much still to do, Weiner has no plans to retire any time soon; he’s already hard work helping IPC develop a new program to support aspiring managers in the industry.

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