European EMS Market Exceeded €44 Billion in 2021

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The European EMS industry grew 9 percent from 2020 to 2021 to exceed 44 billion Euros according to the annual survey results collected and analyzed by in4ma, the market research arm of Weiss Engineering. IPC has partnered with Weiss Engineering since 2020 to deliver industry intelligence to the European electronics community. The 2021 result represents an all-time high for the industry beating the 2019 result by 1 percent.   

Philippe Leonard, senior director of IPC in Europe commented, “Once again Dieter Weiss has assembled and delivered the definitive, best-in-class study for the industry. He received survey data from 225 companies and his report contains vital data on revenue, order backlog, headcount, market segment share, and general outlooks.”

“in4ma’s 70-page report should be treated as a must-have document for every EMS company looking to benchmark themselves in any meaningful way,” said Sanjay Huprikar, IPC president, Europe and South Asia operations. Key takeaways from the study include the following:

  • The top 109 companies, while representing less than 6 percent of the overall companies in Europe, generated nearly 75 percent of the production value
  • Despite the overall bounce back from 2020, only 56 percent of the companies surveyed in 2021 showed higher revenue growth compared to their pre-COVID results of 2019
  • From the value added per head results, it was clear that companies were reluctant to increase prices despite rising material costs
  • There were 36 documented M&A events in Europe during 2021
  • The Measurement-Instrumentation-Control segment of electronics exhibited strong growth, especially in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland (D-A-CH)

Weiss will present his results at several public and private events throughout the first half of 2022.  On behalf of IPC, he will be a guest speaker at INNOELECTRO 2022 taking place in Budapest, Hungary on March 29-31. Companies


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