ASC International Announces Improved VisionPro Merlin Benchtop AOI System

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ASC International, a leading manufacturer of 3-D solder paste inspection (SPI) and automated optical inspection (AOI) systems, is pleased to announce that the VisionPro Merlin Benchtop API System is an all new dramatically improved system. It is a constantly evolving system tailored to ASC’s customer’s needs.

The VisionPro Merlin sets the standard for the most valued packed AOI solution on the market today.

Based upon many years of experience in the electronics manufacturing sector, the Prey Merlin and Falcon range of AOI systems powered by Detec2 are designed to offer ASC customers what they want and need while keeping costs down and implementation simple.

The Merlin offers a price competitive solution that makes full inspection capabilities accessible at almost every budget without sacrificing functionality and ease of use. ASC systems have been optimized for remote support to enable the company to get its customers answers fast, meaning their manufacturing process can have maximum uptime.

The bench-top inspection system, the Merlin, offers all the capabilities of machines more than twice the cost. Using a 5MP camera with sub 8um X-Y resolution, the system gives the ability to inspect almost any component and feature.  Laser sensor for coplanarity height measurements of components and leads.  A robust yet flexible universal carrier system gives the user the flexibility to quickly insert a PCB up to 460mm x 360mm, clamp it and inspect with the press of a single button. Once complete the PCB is returned to the load point ready for the next PCB to be loaded.

The Merlin includes full 1D and 2D bar code reading as standard to offer a fully traceable solution that can be combined with the user-friendly Prey rework suite. It combines excellent mechanical stability with the latest in 64bit software and Windows 10/11 OS to give one of the most truly unique inspection solutions found anywhere in today's global market.


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