MIRTEC Awards Bentec ‘Best Sales Performance 2020-2021’

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Bentec is pleased to announce they have been awarded the “Best Sales Performance 2020-2021” from MIRTEC Corp. The award is for Bentec’s success in selling the industry-leading MIRTEC inspection systems to their customers in the UK and Ireland, where they now boast an installed base of over 150 installations.

Most of Bentec’s customers realise the management and engineers were the same team which started and developed MIRTEC Europe across the European continent, Middle East, India, and South Africa. As such, this unique level of experience is a welcome benefit to customers wishing to employ leading technology inspection solutions with expertise advice and support.

“We are extremely proud of this award, as the quality of MIRTEC’s global distributors is second to none. For us to have had such a successful result is testament to our team, and the unrivalled technological advantages which MIRTEC supplies with their inspection equipment,” stated David Bennett, Managing Director of Bentec Ltd. 

One area which Bentec has been particularly successful with is their “Inspection Island” where a single good/no-good loader-unloader is able to present the boards to the AOI, and then receive them back the same way whilst sorting them into the good/no-good magazines. With the removal of a dedicated operator in a time when staff shortages and costs are a factor, this has become a popular solution. Bentec have ordered this configuration for their demonstration centre in the UK, so existing and potential customers can see it in operation for themselves.


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