ASC International’s Complete In-line AOI Process Control at an Affordable Price Point

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ASC International, a leading manufacturer of 3D solder paste inspection (SPI) and automated optical inspection (AOI) systems, is pleased to announce that it has upgraded its LineMaster Falcon Plus. The revolutionary in-line platform combines the best of ASC International’s VisionPro Merlin sophisticated Detech2 image and algorithm-based AOI sensor/software technology into an affordable solution.

The upgraded system features a new RGBW lighting unit that provides uniform lighting over an increased field of view and improves detection of shallower joints. An optional 10 Megapixel camera now allows either increased optical resolution or a larger field of view at the current resolution to increase inspection speed. Additionally, the In-line Falcon system now offers complete program compatibility with the Merlin benchtop system.

The LineMaster Falcon Plus is ASC International's latest innovation in combination with Detech2 software for complete in-line AOI process control. With more than 30 years of supporting the electronics manufacturing sector with state-of-the-art inspection solutions, ASC’s Falcon Plus couples the most advanced sensor technology and intuitive programming software to create an unmatched performance and user experience. 

The Falcon Plus offers all of the same capabilities of competitive machines at half the cost. Incorporating a 10MP camera and up to a 6.5um X-Y telecentric lens, the system gives the ability to inspect components as small as 01005s. A robust yet flexible universal carrier system gives the user the flexibility to quickly insert a PCB up to 600mm x 460mm for the XL and 460mm x 460mm for standard.

The Falcon Plus includes a full 1D and 2D barcode reading suite as standard to offer a fully traceable solution that can be combined with the user-friendly defect review station suite. The Falcon Plus combines excellent mechanical stability with the latest 64bit software and Windows 10/11 OS to give one of the most truly unique inspection solutions found anywhere in today's global market.


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