SMTA: Symposium on Counterfeit Parts and Materials Program Finalized

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The SMTA and the Center for Advanced Life Cycle Engineering (CALCE) have announced the 2022 technical program is finalized for the annual Symposium on Counterfeit Parts and Materials. The event will proceed in-person June 28-30, 2022, in College Park, Maryland. Registration is now open via the event website.

This symposium covers all aspects of changes in the electronic parts supply chain on organizations performing part selection and management throughout the whole life cycle of the product. Going beyond anecdotes and examples of counterfeit components, this symposium focuses on the solutions that are available and are under development by all sectors of the industry.

The technical program takes place on June 28 and 29. Session topics include Supply Chain Evolution, Secure and Trusted Ecosystem, Track and Trace Solutions, Standards, and Detection Methods. Presentations by experts from organizations such as Boeing, Conflict Armament Research, DLA Land and Maritime, ERAI, Global Semiconductor Alliance, Global Foundries, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NEC, Sandia National Labs, several universities, and more.

Two full-day Professional Development Courses (PDC) are scheduled for Thursday, June 30. PDC1: “The Crucial Role of Traceability in The Secure, Smart Supply-Chain” and PDC2: “Counterfeit Parts Detection Using SAE AS6171.” Advance registration is required.


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