I-Connect007 Editor’s Choice: Five Must-Reads for the Week

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I know I’m not alone in this behavior: Car advertisements during television commercial breaks are as good as invisible to me, until I’m thinking about getting a new car. Only then do I notice them. Rather, I see each one with all my attention and being. 

If that extends into our industry, then everybody must be itching to pick up some new equipment, because you all read the dickens out of the capital equipment and new product application press releases this week. That certainly serves as a bellwether for the industry, doesn’t it? This week’s must-reads includes a smattering of those new product announcements, along with the news of the IPC European subsidiary.  

Have a great weekend, everyone. A reminder that the U.S. will be celebrating Memorial Day on Monday, May 30.  

Electrolube’s GF400 a Success in 5G Base Station Unit 
Published May 20 

Electrolube, part of MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions, was approached with a complex thermal management challenge for a base station design that could offer high thermal conductivity and long-term reliability.  Electrolube’s GF400 gap filler was found to be an efficient thermal management interface material to reduce heat in the multifaceted 5G base station unit design. Among its features, GF400 is soft and compliant, making it ideal for low stress applications, and provides a wide operating temperature range.  

Yamaha Announces First UK Sale of Flagship YRM20 Surface Mounter 
Published May 24 

Yamaha Motor Robotics SMT Section is supplying 15 YRM20 placement machines to Derby-based design and manufacturing services specialist Pektron. The agreement represents the first YRM20 installations in the UK and one of the largest orders so far for Yamaha’s new flagship component-mounting system.

Click through to read why Pektron says Investing in the YRM20 machines reinforces our ability to deliver industry-leading electronic design and manufacturing services, and working with Yamaha will enable us to accelerate our growth…” 

Saki Corporation Launches Next-generation 3D AOI System 
Published May 24

From the press release, “The new 3Di series of automated optical and X-ray inspection equipment…contributes to enhanced quality assurance and increased productivity and is perfect for highest quality inspection of ever-evolving high-density PCB technology.”

Those attending the 23rd JISSO PROTEC 2022 show, you will be able to see the new Saki offering on the show floor. 

Chemcut’s Robotic Solution 
Published May 24    

The I-Connect007 Editorial Staff spoke with Chemcut’s Jerry Reitz, and Atlantic Microtool’s Bruce Siemering and Neil Robinson about recent robotic automation advances, a specific robotic solution from Automata, and the changing factors tipping toward robotic automation in the current market. Click the link to see how it’s working out for them. 

IPC Establishes European Subsidiary 
Published May 25

In the IPC press release, “To better support our European members’ interests, IPC announces the formation of IPC Electronics Europe GmbH. The subsidiary was officially registered with the German government on May 4, 2022. The new entity’s main office is located in central Munich.

“John W. Mitchell, IPC president and CEO commented, “While we have been actively engaged and successful in Europe for more than 30 years, having a legal entity here now enhances our ability to serve the regional electronics industry and our membership in newer and bolder ways with renewed vigor.”



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I-Connect007 Editor’s Choice: Five Must-Reads for the Week

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