Libra Industries Teams with the 2022 AWT Robobot Competition Champions

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Libra Industries is proud to announce that the team it sponsors and supports in the AWT Annual Robobot Competition swept the field to take the Championship. The 12th annual AWT Robobot Competition took place at Lakeland Community College in Kirtland, Ohio.

Libra engineers Ken Kay and Rick Szucs provided mentorship and engineering support to the Mentor High School team during the design and creation of the team’s robot – “Buttercup”. From concept to cardboard and plastic mockups, to final fighting version production – Kay and Szucs provided requisite expertise. Team Buttercup swept the competition and went undefeated, winning five out of five of the events.


The Champion Buttercup team members are: Katherine Polanz, Austin Sternberg, Josh Lining, Zach, Payne, Kyle Habe, Josh Harting, and Logan Belcher.

AWT is a regional member of the National Robotics League. The National Robotics League’s competition will be held near Pittsburgh PA on May 20-21, 2022. The team will bring Buttercup to the competition and looks forward to chewing up robots from other regions.

The competition gives students an opportunity to participate in a unique experiential learning experience. Students leave this experience with an increased awareness of the careers available to them and the educational opportunities linked to those careers. They work alongside engineers and machinists on the manufacturing floor. Additionally, the students develop relationships with industry partners that can lead to internship and career opportunities.

The Alliance for Working Together (AWT) is a consortium of over 100 manufacturing companies engaged in the sustainability of manufacturing in the local community. AWT works to create awareness and interest in manufacturing careers. Their mission is to promote the development of rewarding careers in manufacturing for the long-term success and growth of manufacturing.

The RoboBots Program, started by the AWT foundation, is a high school robotics competition that partners high schools with industry mentors to build a 15lb combat robot. The program allows manufacturers to mentor high school talent through a 6-month design and build process. Many RoboBot participants go on to become innovators, pursue engineering degrees, and some begin working for their company sponsor upon graduation.


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