Arch Systems Names Benjamin Freeman VP of Engineering

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Arch Systems, the leading provider of machine data and analytics for electronics assembly operations, announced the appointment of Benjamin Freeman to Vice President of Engineering. The company is in an active hiring phase as a result of significant growth.

An experienced, driven R&D leader, Freeman has a track record for growing great concepts into great businesses. He specializes in analytics and technology-assisted optimization of physical processes. Freeman’s background includes driving collaboration across business functions, from finance, sales and customer success, to software development and R&D, to industrial engineering and operations.

“Arch is well on its way to becoming the leading manufacturing data analytics platform provider and I’m thrilled to be joining this award-winning team,” said Freeman. Tim Burke, Arch CTO and co-founder, shared those sentiments, “Ben is a great fit for Arch and his presence further positions Arch as a market leader. We are very excited to have him leading our engineering teams as we experience unprecedented demand and growth.”

Freeman has specialized in software engineering for 23 years. He started out at Oracle, Inc. in 1999. Since, he has held numerous upper-level software engineering roles at respected companies, including his most recent position as Executive Director of Engineering and Planning at Ingram Micro/Shipwire. Here, he was responsible for the development and planning lifecycle of eCommerce Fulfillment. He also helped the company’s US-based development team establish an international footprint.

Arch is a recipient of the 2021 Global Technology and Mexico Technology Awards, and a 2022 NPI Award. The ArchFX Platform provides the machine connectivity, data management, and advanced insights needed to achieve digital transformation across the manufacturing organization


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