Nordson's Assure PRO Intelligent X-ray Component Counter Now Available at Demo Location in Florida

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Nordson TEST & INSPECTION, a division of the Nordson Corporation, is pleased to announce that it has setup a brand new Assure PRO intelligent X-ray component counter at The A & E Group dba Kurt Whitlock Associates Demonstration Lab in St. Cloud, Florida for live demos.

Mike Holleran, President of The A & E Group, stated, “Having a demo room full of equipment has always been our strategy. We typically have two or three open houses per year with 10-20 visitors each time. The Assure PRO X-ray counter is always one of the most popular items that potential customers want to see”.

“The A & E Group, dba Kurt Whitlock Associates, has always been a strategic partner of ours,” said Todd O’Neil of Nordson TEST & INSPECTION. “They were certainly part of our early success, and we have many Assure products installed in Florida. Their open houses are well planned and well attended. The Assure PRO is available for a scheduled demo and typically last-minute demos.”

Inventory knowledge is essential for modern industry. Live assurance of correct inventory in your MRP system at all times minimizes stock, labor, errors and costs ensuring customer confidence and trust to keep SMT lines running efficiently. The Assure™ Pro simplifies the reel counting workflow by automatically reading the reel’s barcode ID with an integrated camera.  

Assure is an intelligent, simple, fast, and trustworthy, automated component counter enabling an increase in productivity, minimizing component shortage and SMT line downtime, multiple set-ups and expensive additional component procurement and safety stock.

Since 1978, Kurt Whitlock Associates has searched the world for cutting-edge companies to represent and distribute to its valued electronics assembly customers and potential markets. Since 1998, KWAs Demonstration Lab has developed process solutions and equipment selections that have and can be duplicated throughout customers production facilities.

Kurt Whitlock Associates understands the tiers of assembly requirements of its customers. The company represents an array of companies that provide unmatched solutions to meet high volume, high mix, and mid to low volume requirements with the same level of service and technical support.


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