NOTE Wins New Deal for Swedish Telecom Customer

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NOTE has won a new deal for its plant in Estonia. The customer is a Swedish company that operates in the telecom industry. NOTE already has an existing collaboration with the customer through production from the plant in China. Now the collaboration is further expanded through the win of a deal of existing products. NOTE will manufacture products that include box build and PCBAs. Volume production is planned to start as early as 2023. The partnership is estimated to have good potential and is expected to add increased volumes to the customer to a value of approximately SEK 80 million within a couple of years.

“NOTE continues to develop strongly with very high growth and good profitability. It is gratifying that we gain trust and win new business with existing customers. We are proud that this collaboration is expanding and will do our utmost to contribute to continued success”, says Johannes Lind-Widestam, CEO and President.


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