Naprotek Continues to Invest in Technology with BTU PYRAMAX

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Naprotek, LLC., a leading provider of high-reliability, quick-turn electronics manufacturing, has purchased a BTU PYRAMAX reflow oven to provide customers with the most cutting-edge solutions.

"BTU has a well-deserved reputation in the industry for high reliability and providing uniform profiles,” commented Larry Morrissey, Senior VP/GM, Naprotek. “The PYRAMAX is designed to have minimal downtime with its flux management and hassle-free maintenance. The lifetime warranty on the heaters and blowers are a testament to their dependability and have earned the respect of many process engineers. The heating design provides consistent zone-to-zone transition with a negligible delta in temperature setting. This design allows the profiling to be consistent in providing optimal solder joint quality.”

When it comes to reflow solutions, BTU’s PYRAMAX is known worldwide as the performance leader. With closed-loop convection control, the PYRAMAX reflow oven offers the utmost in process repeatability, board-to-board, oven-to-oven and line-to-line.

“BTU is known for its strong customer-centric service support that always is accommodating and with technical support that matches the needs of the most demanding engineers,” added Morrissey.

Naprotek has rapidly expanded to include both West and East Coast operations in California and New Hampshire, respectively. Naprotek is committed to delivering customer value through engineering, supply chain management, and manufacturing support.

BTU International has been the technology leader in the field of thermal processes equipment since 1950 and offers solutions with low operating costs and excellent thermal performance. PYRAMAX reflow ovens beat the competition in thermal uniformity, repeatability and exit temperature – even at higher throughput – and are suitable for processing heavy or complex circuit boards.


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