PIT Equipment Services Now Offers CalcuQuote Supply Chain Solutions

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CalcuQuote, a supply chain solutions partner for the electronics industry, is pleased to announce the appointment of PIT Equipment Services, LLC as its manufacturers’ representative. PIT Equipment Services’ Don Dennison will represent CalcuQuote in Southeastern New York, New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania, Maryland and Delaware.

“We’re excited to be partnered with Don at PIT Equipment Solutions,” says CalcuQuote Vice President of Growth, Dustin Carlson. “In working with Don, we see a great opportunity to grow our relationships and promote the value of our software ecosystem to promote a more connected electronics supply chain.”

PIT is pleased to join forces with CalcuQuote and to support their supply chain solutions. Dennison stated: “QuoteCQ simplifies and speeds up the quoting process with improved speed, accuracy and efficiency. CalcuQuote will make my focus customers more competitive in a global market.”

QuoteCQ, the company’s flagship end-to-end RFQ Management software, simplifies and expedites the request-for-quote (RFQ) process, allowing customers to be more responsive with their time and resources. If QuoteCQ isn’t the answer, CalcuQuote works with customers to find a digital solution that meets their needs. 

CalcuQuote works with more than 200 electronics companies to solve complex problems with industry leading solutions. The partnership with PIT further expands the company’s reach and support in this territory.

To learn more about CalcuQuote, visit www.calcuquote.com.


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