BTU Partners with iRaptor to Offer Advanced Profiling Technology

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BTU International, Inc., a leading supplier of advanced thermal processing equipment for the electronics manufacturing market, announced a new strategic partnership with iRaptor to offer thermal profiling solutions. iRaptor is a software and hardware development company providing solutions for thermal process optimization and control.

iRaptor converts opaque thermal ovens into transparent industry 4.0 machines in the journey to a fully autonomous factory. With iRaptor’s decades of experience and expertise in thermal profiling solutions, BTU will be able to offer differentiated profiling technology. The first offering will be an OEM thermal profiler for BTU reflow ovens, powered by iRaptor technology. The new profiler enables manufacturers to optimize and visualize profiles, eliminating the need to integrate third party products for verification of the reflow process.

“Customers have been more and more focused on process traceability,” said Rob DiMatteo, General Manager, BTU International. “This partnership is the next step in developing our own process control ecosystem. For far too long, our customers have had to rely on third party products to verify thermal processes on our reflow ovens. This partnership gives BTU’s customers a complete solution for all their reflow process needs,” added DiMatteo. 

The new profiling technology is scheduled for introduction at the 2023 IPC APEX EXPO. BTU will offer full training, support, warranty, etc. for the new profiling system.


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