Excelpoint, Bkav Collaborate to Develop and Commercialise AIoT Platform based on Qualcomm Technology

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Excelpoint Systems (Pte) Ltd., a leading regional B-to-B business platform providing quality electronics components with integrated R&D capabilities, and Bkav Hardware Solution (BHS), a member of Vietnam-based Bkav Corporation that is a technology group that specialises in cyber security, software, e-government, smartphone manufacturing and smart electronic devices, Smart City and AI camera, are pleased to announce the signing of a strategic collaboration to develop and commercialise an Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) platform built on Qualcomm chipsets and technology ecosystem.

AIoT is the combination of two powerful technologies, artificial intelligence (AI) technologies and the internet of things (IoT) infrastructure, where such AIoT devices and applications can analyse data and make decisions and act on that data without involvement by humans, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness.

In the near future, it is anticipated that AIoT integration within businesses and industries (such as Smart Cities, Smart Homes, Industrial 4.0, Smart Retail Chains, Autonomous Vehicles, among others) will ultimately lead to more sophisticated and valuable inter-business and cross-industry solutions.

According to a report by ResearchAndMarkets.com, the global AIoT market will reach US$83.6 billion by 2027, growing at 39.1% compounded growth rate per annum.

Tripartite alliance between Qualcomm, Excelpoint and Bkav to develop and commericalise AIoT platform that facilitates the creation of new AIoT devices and innovations

While there is increasing proliferation of AIoT devices and applications, there are limited commercially-ready AIoT platforms and development kits as there are not many technology companies that can produce AIoT devices and applications across this specialised technological value chain, from hardware to software development.

With the tripartite alliance between Qualcomm, Excelpoint, and Bkav to create a complete ecosystem for AIoT applications, it can enable businesses and communities to seamlessly adopt and integrate AIoT technology with optimal costs and time efficiency, thereby creating new business opportunities and innovations within the AIoT technology spectrum.

Under the alliance, Qualcomm will provide its chipsets, while Excelpoint will pursue the business development opportunities related to AIoT through its strong distribution networks. Levergaing on its technological strengths and manufacturing capabilities, Bkav shall undertake the role of a supplier of hardware, AIoT and AI platforms, such as AI Camera, AI Box, Edge Computing Servers, AIoT SoM, KIT, etc. 

Nguyen Tu Quang, Chairman of Bkav Group, said: "With the strategic collaboration of technology-leading companies such as Qualcomm and Excelpoint, Bkav will use our competitive strengths to develop the core foundation for the AIoT ecosystem, so as to accelerate the revolution of Industry 4.0 and contribute positively to an increasingly-connected world driven by technology."

Albert Phuay, CEO of Excelpoint, added, "We are very honoured to be a part of this strategic collaboration, value-adding to the future of AIoT. Excelpoint started our AIoT journey early, building up strong networks and knowledge within this emerging field. In Singapore, we have set up various development teams to unlock the technology and business opportunities of AIoT, such as Smart Parking, Electric and Automated Vehicles, Smart Surveillance and Security, among others. With our continual dedication and commitment in the AIoT field, we are confident that our collaboration with strong partners in Qualcomm and Bkav will be able to harness emerging opportunities and contribute to the AIoT ecosystem." 

In May 2022, BHS was officially launched, providing services such as research, development and production of electronic products, positioning its operations as an Original Design Manufacturer ("ODM"), a business model similar to Foxconn. The strategy of BHS is to support domestic enterprises within the electronics industry, with an aim to enable hardware manufacturing companies to become market-leaders globally. BHS is a member of Bkav Corporation.


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