Biamp Partners with ASMPT for Next-gen Component Placement Solution

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ASMPT announced that Beaverton, OR-based audiovisual OEM, Biamp, has selected the company’s SIPLACE SX component placement platform to accommodate explosive growth and product line expansion. Biamp has installed two, three-machine SIPLACE SX lines in its automated electronics assembly operation, significantly increasing weekly component placements and improving production efficiency.

“In just the last five years, Biamp has doubled production in our Beaverton facility,” said Tyler Fife, Biamp Director of Manufacturing Engineering. “Our global portfolio of well over 1,000 products constantly evolves and expands to innovate superior communication solutions – whether for a professional office space or a large sporting venue. The sheer number of different devices we are building, combined with increased demand, necessitated a faster, more efficient and adaptable component placement solution. ASMPT met all our requirements.”

Throughput, accuracy and flexibility key factors

Biamp manufactures nearly 200 unique printed circuit board assemblies for the hundreds of products designed and built in its Oregon headquarters. The ability to group similar products in family setups, exponentially increase throughput, ensure placement accuracy and reliability, and improve production flexibility were key factors in Biamp’s equipment investment decision. The SIPLACE SX’s advanced vision system for accurate placement of micro-BGA packages was also critical, as Biamp’s quality and five-year product warranties are market-leading competitive differentiators, with the company having earned a reputation for exceptionally low field failures.

Biamp’s scalable SIPLACE SX lines share identical configurations to allow production and planning teams to seamlessly manage the high-mix manufacturing requirements of the business. The first two platforms are equipped with versatile CPP Placement Heads, and the third, in-line system hosts a CPP Placement Head and a TH Placement Head to accommodate larger connectors and components. Biamp’s ASMPT equipment is complemented by a suite of software, including; SiCluster Professional for setup optimization, WORKS Production Planner to prioritize setup sequences for various lines, WORKS Line Monitor to efficiently manage line-side material availability, WORKS Traceability for complete track-and-trace, and WORKS Operation Information Broker as the production data interface. Together, this solution has delivered maximum efficiency and automation to enable Biamp’s continued impressive growth trajectory.

Software as a differentiator

Fife commented that, in addition to equipment capability, ASMPT’s software advantage was evident from the start. “During initial discussions, our team shared a typical production day to evaluate line speed and other factors like changeover. Knowing how dynamic our environment can be, we inquired about many ‘what ifs’ and variables to a normal production day and how that might impact our setup,” he explained. “The ASMPT team was able to give us answers right there – in the meeting. No other supplier was able to do that and, for us, it illustrated the power of the ASMPT software portfolio.”

“Since installation of the two SIPLACE SX lines in combination with the addition of a third shift,” Fife continued, “we’ve doubled the number of weekly placements, with significant room for additional growth. These machines now run seven days per week. Their productivity is a win for Biamp and our customers. Undoubtedly, ASMPT is the right partner to help us meet our production objectives.”


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