Horizon Sales Introduces Mobile Sonic Stencil Cleaning System

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Horizon Sales is pleased to introduce the new Mobile Sonic Stencil Cleaning System. The Mobile Sonic provides tabletop storage for stencil cleaning supplies and a point-of-use system for fast, efficient cleaning and change out.

In today’s “mobile world,” customers require a fast, low-cost, portable stencil cleaning system. The Mobile Sonic answers that need via its combination of the powerful Gensonic ultrasonic transducer system with a custom designed and manufactured stencil cart with an on-board power supply system.

The completely self-contained system has its own battery power source. No more carrying dirty, clogged stencils across the factory floor – The system can be easily moved from line to line, and printer to printer with no power outlet required.

Screen printed solder pastes tend to compact and trap particles into aperture corners and lead-free pastes that are less dense tend to demonstrate this tendency even more. The stencil cleaner has a 40 KHz direct ultrasonic contact transducer that applies cleaning power where it is needed to clean out solder paste from clogged and partially clogged aperture walls and openings. 

Customers can now load up the cart with the days’ production need of stencils and deliver them right to the ‘point of use’ and spotlessly clean and dry used stencils without the need to transport paste laden ‘dirty’ stencils to some remote location in the factory. The ability to change out, clean and store previously used stencils quickly and at the point of use improves stencil handling efficiency, lessens the possibility of damaging fragile stencils from excessive handling and transport, and improves operator safety and efficiency.


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