Plexus Announces Fiscal Q4, FY 2022 Financial Results

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Plexus Corp. announced financial results for our fiscal fourth quarter and fiscal year ended October 1, 2022, and guidance for our fiscal first quarter 2023 ending December 31, 2022.

  • Reports record fiscal fourth quarter 2022 revenue of $1.12 billion, GAAP operating margin of 5.5% and GAAP diluted EPS of $1.78, including $0.18 of stock-based compensation expense
  • Reports record fiscal 2022 revenue of $3.81 billion, GAAP operating margin of 4.7% and GAAP diluted EPS of $4.86, including $0.82 of stock-based compensation expense
  • Initiates fiscal first quarter 2023 revenue guidance of $1.08 to $1.13 billion with GAAP diluted EPS of $1.40 to $1.58, including $0.20 of stock-based compensation expense

Fiscal Fourth Quarter 2022 Information

  • Won 32 manufacturing programs during the quarter representing $214 million in annualized revenue when fully ramped into production
  • Trailing four-quarter manufacturing wins of $1 billion in annualized revenue when fully ramped into production
  • Purchased $3.5 million of our shares at an average price of $90.63 per share under our share repurchase program, leaving $46.5 million of the current $50 million authorization remaining

Fiscal Year 2022 Information

  • GAAP diluted EPS of $4.86
  • ROIC of 13.0%, delivered an economic return of 370 basis points above our weighted average cost of capital of 9.3%
  • Purchased $50.4 million of our shares at an average price of $83.55 per share under our share repurchase programs

Todd Kelsey, Chief Executive Officer, commented, "The unwavering commitment to operational excellence of Plexus’ nearly 25,000 dedicated team members resulted in accelerating momentum as our fiscal 2022 progressed, culminating in record quarterly revenue and operating profit. With this strong base to build upon entering our fiscal 2023, the benefit of a large backlog of unfulfilled demand, share gains and participation in secular growth markets, we see the opportunity for continued momentum while acknowledging ongoing uncertainties in the macroeconomic outlook and geopolitical climate."

Mr. Kelsey continued, "Our fiscal fourth quarter revenue of $1.12 billion, representing year-over-year growth of 33%, 5.5% GAAP operating margin and GAAP EPS of $1.78 exceeded our guidance. Our further success in mitigating the challenges from constrained component supply resulted in strong sequential revenue growth that drove outstanding profitability."

Mr. Kelsey further commented, "Our funnel of qualified manufacturing opportunities remains at a record $3.4 billion, while quarterly new manufacturing program wins totaled $214 million. Included in these wins is an exciting opportunity with a new customer in vehicle, truck and bus electrification, building upon our existing presence in this secular growth market."

Patrick Jermain, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, commented, "Our fiscal fourth quarter cash cycle of 100 days was consistent with expectations. The quarter included strategic investments in working capital to support the significant revenue delivered in the fiscal fourth quarter and projected future growth. I was pleased with our ability to steadily improve operating performance and manage working capital to drive sequential improvement in our ROIC as we moved through our fiscal year. Fiscal 2022 ROIC of 13% equated to 370 basis points of economic return, creating substantial shareholder value. While working capital investments will continue in support of our customers’ strong demand, we expect our cash cycle to improve as our fiscal 2023 progresses."

Mr. Kelsey concluded, "We are guiding fiscal first quarter revenue of $1.08 billion to $1.13 billion, GAAP operating margin of 5.0% to 5.5% and GAAP EPS of $1.40 to $1.58. Our guidance reflects the benefit from ongoing new program ramps and robust customer demand with consideration given to the continuation of supply chain challenges and macroeconomic uncertainty. We also anticipate an impact to GAAP EPS due to the absence of foreign exchange gains and greater interest and income tax expense relative to the prior quarter.”

Business Segment and Market Sector Revenue

Plexus measures operational performance and allocates resources on a geographic segment basis. Plexus also reports revenue based on the market sector breakout set forth in the table below, which reflects Plexus’ market sector focused strategy. Top 10 customers comprised 58% of revenue during the fourth quarter of fiscal 2022. This is up two percentage points from each of the third quarter of fiscal 2022 and the fourth quarter of fiscal 2021. For fiscal 2022, top 10 customers comprised 56% of revenue, up one percentage point from fiscal 2021.


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