PVA Awarded ‘Best Places to Work’ 2022

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PVA, a global supplier of automated dispensing and coating equipment, has been recognized has one of Albany Business Reviews’ ‘Top Places to Work’ for 2022. This is the company’s fifth time receiving this award.

Now for its 19th year, Albany Business Review announced the 60 companies being honored this year as Best Places to Work. These companies come from different industries but share at least one thing in common: They’ve built a workplace in which employees feel engaged and energized to work.  Winners were selected based on data collected by Quantum Workplace of Omaha, Nebraska.

PVA’s mission is to provide the highest quality products and services to its valued customers while creating a working environment second to none to enhance the lives of employees and their families. The company offers competitive salaries with an extensive benefits package and opportunity for training and career advancement within the company.

PVA has a free on-site Health Center with wellness staff, including an NP/RN and Physical Therapist, free for employees and their families. The company covers 90 percent of health, dental, vision and prescription plans. Additionally, PVA has a fitness center, a full-time chef that provides daily breakfast and lunch, recreational sports and onsite haircuts, massages and chiropractor.

The company also has been named one of the Healthiest Employers of the Capital Region.


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