Pillarhouse USA Announces New Service Manager

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Pillarhouse USA, Inc. is pleased to announce the appointment of David Leeper as Pillarhouse USA Service Manager, to spearhead and expand service offerings and customer machine support across the continental United States and Canada.

Jonathan Wol, President of Pillarhouse USA, Inc. stated “We are delighted to announce that David Leeper has joined the Pillarhouse USA service team, to strengthen the bond between sales and service and to lead our world-class customer service. His level of experience and knowledge makes for a fantastic addition to our management team.”

Mr. Leeper joins Pillarhouse with almost 20 years of experience in the electronics manufacturing industry. Initially, Mr. Leeper was a process engineer for an EMS company, managing their automated assemblies including SMT, wave, AOI and selective soldering. Following this, Mr. Leeper moved to a Tier 1 automotive supplier, responsible for DFM on new products, providing subject matter intel on PCB assemblies, as well as supplying engineering and manufacturing support at the company’s Mexico facility. Most recently, Mr. Leeper was Project Manager for Panasonic, building relationships with customers and coordinating installation and support for equipment and software.

Speaking upon his arrival, David stated, “I am very excited to join Pillarhouse USA and look forward to the new challenges this role will bring. My goal is to expand our service offerings, such as PillarCARE - our comprehensive after-sale and service program, available for all machines. We must maintain the superior level of support we provide, and are known for, as our North American market share continues to increase. This will include hiring regional field engineers, improving our self-help documentation, and streamlining our support line”.

Reflecting upon his prior Pillarhouse experiences, David said, “I encountered Pillarhouse at several of my previous customers, as well as at trade shows such as APEX and SMTA. Consensus was that Pillarhouse selective soldering equipment and customer service is unparalleled.”

David believes strengthening the relationship between sales and service is key to maintaining and growing Pillarhouse’s presence, explaining, “If we can boost our standing in regions where we are currently a little underrepresented, Pillarhouse will improve our strong level of support which separates us from our competition.”


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