Scanfil's Atlanta Factory Expansion Answers Customer’s Need to Localize Products in the US

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Business and opportunities in the US have been in a state of growth, and Scanfil has decided to meet the challenge head on with a significant expansion of the capabilities and floor space in Scanfil Atlanta. The company has seen a growing demand with our customers along with requests to meet our customers’ strategy to localize production in the US. The Atlanta factory supports our global customers with their demands for production closer to the needed end customer market to reduce lead times, remove risk of supply chains, improve communication, support circular economy, and more.

We are expanding our logistics and systems integration footprint five minutes from the main facility in Buford, GA. This new space provides increased area for a few growing existing customers as well as space for new customers. “The main facility will stay as our primary business, and we have transferred most non-ESD required manufacturing to the new space to make space for growth in ESD sensitive products. The new operation brings on about twenty additional employees to three or four manufacturing lines and there is still room for growth”, says Jaron Cherry, Director of Sales at Scanfil Atlanta.

The doors have opened in the beginning of July, and today we are around 40% operational capacity with the planned work for this new space. We saw the need for localization growing through the pandemic and we believe that it continues to grow now with the potential recession coming.

Scanfil Atlanta‘s primary operations include high-level assembly and finish product assembly, systems integration, distribution and warehousing, and a repair as a service organization with around twenty-five technicians.


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