MYC10 Mycronic Machine Sets New Standards in Peters’ Laboratories

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With the MYC10 high-precision coating machine, Peters has chosen a powerful piece of equipment. "This smart machine is almost half the size of the large industrial plants," says Johannes Tekath, laboratory manager at Peters Research. Developed by the Swedish company Mycronic, this high-tech machine completes Peters’ technical centre equipment and might be an eye-catcher at the next Peters Coating Innovation Forum. Mycronic has achieved this great feat through a cooperation with an Asian manufacturer.

Background: The coating and thus the protection of electronic assemblies is becoming increasingly complex and demanding. As early as the 1980s, Peters was a pioneer in the development of high-quality conformal coatings for printed circuit boards, as well as in their application. In the beginning, the assemblies were completely dipped, usually in dipping plants of the Knödel brand. This was a challenge with regard to covering connector strips and other sensitive areas. In the second step, the conformal coatings were applied selectively using intelligent robot technology. A number of such coating units supplied by well-known manufacturers have been operated for years in the laboratories and the technical centre.

By acquiring the MYC10 recently, Peters has once again invested in coating technology, benefitting from an additional option. The Mycronic coating machine permits to use common coating heads in a very confined space for spraying, dispensing and casting. "Thanks to the MYC10, our development department is capable of fine-tuning the ELPEGUARD® conformal coatings in a way to achieve perfect coating results," says Johannes Tekath. 

Before the new machine is operated for the development of conformal coatings in the Peters labs, the manufacturer Myronic will instruct the development team on how to use the control and programming functions. For Johannes Tekath, the benefits of the MYC10 are obvious: “All major coating parameters of the inks are determined precisely and quickly, so that they can also be applied for large units. According to the experienced engineer, this means that from now on it no longer matters which type of machinery the customer or manufacturer is using. "Furthermore, it facilitates handling and reduces the effort of preparing coating samples.“

Conclusion: MYC10 contributes to accelerating the development of coatings. The intelligent coating meets highest industrial standards. As a result, this permits a more sustainable application in the labs, because dipping and manual inspection of test assemblies are no longer necessary. 


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