Ryan Flaherty Celebrates 15-Year Anniversary with SMTA

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SMTA Communications Director Ryan Flaherty celebrated a special anniversary on Monday, November 28—his 15th year with the association. Ryan joined the staff in 2007 after graduating from the University of Minnesota with a BIS in Architectural Studies, Design, and Psychology.

"Ryan's commitment to the SMTA and its members over the past 15 years has been exemplary; his dedication and hard work has been key in supporting this special organization," says Tanya Martin, SMTA Executive Director.

Ryan has been a mentor and friend to so many over his 15-year career. The nature of his work has him integrated into many departments which allow him to forge relationships with other staff members.

"When I first started working at the SMTA 12 years ago, one of the first tasks I was given was transcribing the comments from an event survey," says Karen Frericks, director of chapter relations. "I was surprised by how many people commented on how great someone named Ryan was – always helpful and knowledgeable, etc. It wasn’t long before I discovered that all those comments were right. Ryan is the glue that holds this office together and the best co-worker anyone could ask for. Even now, 12 years later, he still answers all my dumb questions patiently, and comes up with smart solutions for any problems that I pose to him (and there are a LOT!)  Congrats on 15 years here, Ryan. Here’s hoping for 15 more."

"Ryan is one of those guys that you can go to for guidance," says Alec Young, marketing and communications manager at SMTA. "He's the one person that we can call upon when we need help, and he will happily offer any assistance. He's got a genuine heart that just gives and is a great presence to be around in the office."

"It has been an honor to work with Ryan the past six years," says Karlie Severinson, SMTA meetings and events manager. "He is a wonderful coworker and mentor. Watching him interact within the SMTA network over the years really shows you how much he cares for everyone in this association. Ryan is "the guy" for any questions and I appreciate all the time he has spent with me and my colleagues! Cheers to 15 years Ryan!"

"I am often asked, what department is Ryan in? Truthfully, he is in every department," says Saniya Pilgaonkar, membership services manager. "He knows how to navigate and get things right. Ryan is an inspiration to the newer staff. The word 'No' is not in his dictionary. I am always grateful for him being the best teacher and always being helpful. Kudos to 15 years."

The SMTA thanks Ryan for his incredible dedication and service to the association these past 15 years.


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