Murray Percival Co. Brings Apollo Seiko into Altronic Hoerbiger

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The Murray Percival Company, the leading supplier to the Midwest’s electronics industry, and 2022 GLOBAL Technology Award recipient for Distributor of the Year – Americas, is pleased to announce the sale of an Apollo Seiko J-CAT Lyra soldering robot to Altronic Hoerbiger in Girard, OH. This capital win was facilitated by Murray Percival’s own Josh Funk.

“Our initial goal in implementing soldering robots into our manufacturing process was to improve the speed and efficiency of soldering components,” commented Alyssa Garrett, Manufacturing Robotics Engineer, Altronic Hoerbiger. “Having a soldering robot improves the consistency and speed of our assembly process while also freeing up the operator to complete tasks while the robot is running.”

The J-CAT Lyra is a new soldering robot with significantly improved base operational features, increased usability and durability.

Apollo has excellent customer service and is located in the United States. Apollo’s process monitoring camera system allows operators to view each soldering joint as it is being formed. Machine capabilities allow the user to solder virtually any board by allowing control of changing temperatures, timing, and soldering techniques. Usability in Apollo robots is key for any production floor. Additionally, the robots are user-friendly for operators of all levels, as well as engineers.

“Our process has improved greatly with consistency and speed,” added Garrett. “The soldering robot allows our operators to complete various tasks while the robot is soldering. We currently use three soldering robots for production, essentially giving us three full-time soldering operators that are quick and efficient. It also has allowed us to meet high consistency quality requirements for our end-use customers on high-reliability product applications.”


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