Scanfil Expands Factory Area in Malmö, Sweden

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Scanfil is growing fast, and to respond to the rising demand, we have acquired new production space in Atlanta, Suzhou, Malmö and Wutha factories in 2022. In each of these projects, our Global Technology Team has worked with our local teams to ensure that we utilize the production space as efficiently and sustainably as possible. They use different methods, such as LEAN and Six Sigma, as well as the newest technologies in the manufacturing industry.

The construction work in our Malmö factory started at the beginning of August, and it was driven by the need to increase the final assembly area and the capacity for boxbuild. The new production area got a fresh coat of paint and a new ESD floor. Also, a new dining area and restrooms were built during the technical installations.

At the moment, our Malmö factory is at the final stage of setting up the production lines and the new dining area. The construction work should be finished and the new lines up and running in January 2023.

Fredrik Olsson, Quality and Environmental Manager at Scanfil Malmö, is responsible for the entire infrastructure at Malmö, including factory building, electricity, heating and cooling, ventilation, and ESD protection. Fredrik Olsson has also played an important role in the expansion project. According to him, the Malmö Team is excited about the LEAN methods and the opportunities to find improvements in the flow of materials and final assembly. “In our expansion project, we have had a tight collaboration with the Global Technology and LEAN team. Their input in the expansion project has been extremely valuable,” says Fredrik Olsson. In addition, Scanfil Malmö has created a new Lean Specialist role to ensure the continuity in the LEAN efforts and appointed Heidi Åshammer for this important purpose.

One of the key persons participating in the project from the Global Technology Team is Kari Huuha who works as a TPM Manager. He has extensive experience in factory expansion projects, electronics manufacturing technology and layout planning. Pawel Galewski, Global Quality and LEAN Six Sigma Capability Manager from the Global Development Team has also worked closely with Heidi Åshammer to optimize the final assembly lines. 

According to Kari Huuha, the co-operation between the site and the global team has worked smoothly, and they have succeeded in carrying out the project. “In January 2023, when the expansion project will be finished, our material flow will be improved significantly. The additional space will also enable further development of intralogistics at Malmö factory” says Kari Huuha.


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